Newsletter – May 2022

Greetings Friends,

This month; the Lee Point Art Exhibition opened, Federal candidates were asked where they stood on Lee Point, and Gouldian Finches moved into Lee Point.


Lee Point Art Exhibition “What you like about Lee Point”

The exhibition was officially opened by Graeme Sawyer and Amye Un in front of 60 people 11am Saturday 7 May at Casuarina Library. View award ceremony and prize winners

The exhibition is open at Casuarina Library until Monday 6 June 2022 or view art online

People’s Choice Award – voting closes 11 June

Vote for your favourite artworks from the exhibition and other entries.


Federal Election

The Australian Government wholly owns the developer, Defence Housing Australia (DHA), and the land that is planned to be bulldozed at Lee Point.

Most NT candidates in the recent federal election supported a pause in the Lee Point development and many wanted an independent assessment of its public benefit, read their responses for Senate and Solomon

The question on who benefits from the (taxpayer funded) Lee Point development remains unanswered.…. Read more.

Lee Point Development – NT Government Approval Status

NT Govt Approvals (as of 26 May 2022) Stage 1 North of Muirhead (97 lots) Stage 2 North of Lyons Stage 3-5 North of Lyons Stage 6-7 North of Muirhead Stage 8 North of Lyons
Planning Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Construction Yes No* No No No

*To date, DHA has not lodged an application with the NT Government for Stage 2 construction.


Future Plan to protect Casuarina Coastal Reserve

Friends of Casuarina Coastal Reserve held a public meeting on 14 May to discuss a plan to help protect the natural value of Casuarina Coastal Reserve (CCR). About 40 people attended. Read some of the ideas for action (refer 18 May post).


Lee Point Trivia

Lee Point contains just over half of Casuarina Coastal Reserve (CCR).

Q1. Total visits to NT Government managed parks in the NT were 2.35M. How many visits (not people) to CCR were there in 2020? Answers at the end.

A. under 0.5M             B. 0.8M           C. 1.0M            D. 1.2M (over half)

Lee Point Dam

Lee Point Peninsula has a high biodiversity and attracts 80% of the bird species found in Kakadu. The “Corridor” (called Biodiversity Corridor by City of Darwin) runs from Buffalo Ck to Sandy Ck and includes most of the (8) habitats found in the Top End.

Lee Point Dam in May 2022
Water lillies (Nymphoides indica) flower on the Lee Point Dam from April to July.


Gouldian Finches like Lee Point

Hundreds of people, including visitors from interstate, have been seeing Gouldian Finches at Lee Point and CCR. Several Australian newspapers published articles on these unusual sighting. Megan Moody provided these recent videos/photos from Lee Point, some show courting and mating behaviour of these beautiful finches.

The Corridor (see previous map) is one location where they have been regularly seen. A few juvenile Gouldian Finches were recorded here last May. However, this year they are in much greater numbers and include adults. There were four days this month where 100 or more were recorded (on eBird) in the Corridor, with some sighted most days.

An adult male Gouldian Finch at Lee Point. Photo by Gavan Keane, May 2022

Gouldian Finches are threatened …read more



Freshwater Habitat – Frogsmouth Waterlilies (Philydrum lanuginosum)

Frogmouth Waterlilies appear at the end of the wet season when the freshwater streams and ponds have started to dry up.

Frogmouth Waterlillies (about to flower) in a stream bed in the Lee Point Corridor.

The flowers look like open mouths hence their common name Frogsmouth Waterlilies, another common name is Woolly Waterlilies. Carpenter Bees (Australia’s largest native bee) are attracted to the many flowers which open successively on a spike.


Lee Point Art Competiton – School Competition

Dripstone Middle School won first prize in the 14 to under 19 year category…. view prize winners

People’s Choice Award – voting closes 11 June

Vote for your favourite artworks from the competition and other entries. Total value of prizes is $600.


Until next time, enjoy the Dry Season at Lee Point



Answer Q1. D – over 1.2M visits – based on NT Government’s Park Visitor Data