Solomon Candidate Survey on Lee Point development

Where the Solomon candidates stand:

If elected: “will you support a moratorium on the current DHA housing development at Lee Point until the Public Works Committee has completed a comprehensive report on its public benefit.”

Candidates Yes / No / Undecided Comments (50 words or less)
Kylie BONANNI Liberal Democrats Party   NO RESPONSE      
Aiya GOODRICH CARTTLING Australian Greens   YES I am in full support of your proposed moratorium
Luke GOSLING Labor Specific question above not answered – refer comments  Luke – If I am re-elected as the Member for Solomon, I will continue to encourage DHA to consider other locations, such as Berrimah and Palmerston, potentially reducing the development footprint on Lee Point.
Tina MacFARLANE Country Liberal Party   Specific question above not answered – refer comments

 CLP – Supports pausing project.

Tina – I absolutely support stopping any progress on this project. I would like to see a return to the consultation phase to address residents’ real concerns about their lack of original input into the project and in particular, the consequences of increased traffic. Territory Labor has let local residents down on this issue. ….Read more

Emily LOHSE Pauline Hanson’s One Nation  YES

Points of concern

  1. probability of high biodiversity values both flora and fauna in this area being compromised
  2. lack of community consultation
  3.  lack of involvement by a recognised independent body for strategic planning to help produce the best social, economic and environmental use, as advised by the community.
Tayla Elise SELFE United Australia Party   YES This is a key local issue that requires a review by the Public Works Committee

Notes: Friends of Lee Point were able to speak to all the candidates on this matter. Kylie BONNANNI advised that she would not be providing a written response. Only written responses have been published.

Authorised by I. Redmond for Friends of Lee Point, Darwin – contact 0427 796 470