Lee Point Art Competition

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Welcome to the Lee Point Art Competition

Step 1 - Create and record an artwork

The artwork can be of any medium but it will need to be submitted as a photo (suitable for a good quality A4 print). For a three-dimensional work, please photograph the artwork from three or four different views. A video can be submitted as a file or as link (no photo required). Select a title plus a short statement (approx. 25 words or less) for your artwork.

Step 2 - Submit an artwork

Have a parent, teacher or legal guardian (Guardian) if under 19 years complete the form below, otherwise complete form and submit your artwork.

Guardian Details or Entrant Details

If over 18 years use your own details.
Teachers are advised to check media consent.

Entrant Details

Entrants can remain anonymous
Not required for Peoples Choice Award, but can be entered here.
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If over 18 years, write NA
eg. Riding through Lee Point in stormy weather with my friends.
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