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Eastern Curlews arriving at Lee Point late August from the arctic circle ie. Siberia. They make an amazing ~20,000km migration every year, leaving in Mar-Apr and returning Aug-Sept.

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Planning for Lee Point (pdf copy) explains why the NT Planning Commission needs to develop a comprehensive Area Plan for Lee Point.

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Newsletter – August 2023

Greetings Friends, This monthly newsletter (No. 30) includes; celebrations, Darwin’s last wildlife corridor, Lee Point fire, plants and wildlife.   Celebrations were in order after

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Items of note

This post is a collection of items of note, articles and other Save Lee Point material. Monday – NT Governments record of how the Lee

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Newsletter – July 2023

Greetings Friends, This newsletter includes Larrakia and consultation, support for Save Lee Point, call from scientists, Binybara Camp, plants and wildlife. 1.0 Larrakia and consultation

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Public meeting at Lee Point 27 May 2021 with concerned residents – media release

Rally at Parap Village 13 Aug 2021 – media release



Preliminary assessment of future housing at Lee Point

This paper (Oct 2020) Prelim Cost Benefit Lee Point explores sustainability and planning issues of future housing at Lee Point and focuses on the proposed Defence Housing Australia (DHA) development.

It briefly discusses the potential benefits of using most of land at Lee Point for ecotourism, acknowledges that much has changed since the Lee Point Area Plan was first introduced in 2015 and claims that Lee Point is at risk of becoming an urban sprawl from developments such as proposed by DHA. 

It concludes that Darwin residents would welcome an urban planning study for Lee Point.

Planning Issues

The Northern Territory Planning Commission was set up by the NT Parliament late 2012 to act as an independent authority in the best interests of the community. Since it was formed the NT Government has involved the Commission in every (published) Area Plan except the Lee Point Area Plan.

Is the 2015 Lee Point Area Plan a plan for Lee Point or is it a plan for the disused defence land at Lee Point? Land use planning starts with a map.

The 2016 Australian Government’s Smart Cities Plan encourages housing to be located near jobs and (public) transport. Does the current Lee Point Area Plan fit with the Smart Cities Plan? The $200M Darwin City Deal is part of the Smart Cities Plan. 

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