Images of 2021

by Friends of Lee Point – January 2022

Here are some images of places visited and what happened in 2021. Images are based on our Newsletters and Facebook Page. The Images of 2021 are in five parts: 

  1. Habitats Visited
  2. Walks
  3. Migratory Shorebirds
  4. Community Awareness
  5. Climate Warming and Biodiversity


Lee Point peninsular contains most of the habitats found in the Top End, read Opinion Piece. Here are some of them:


Coastal habitat in February


Mangrove habitat in May


Open Woodland habitat in July


Monsoon Forest habitat in July


Freshwater habitat in December


Several guided walks were organised in Lee Point by FLP during the year.


Habitat walk in June


Mangrove walk in July


Nature walk in November


BirdLife Top End and PLan: the Planning Action Network Inc. held a series of events to appreciate the amazing journeys migratory shorebirds make and the threats they face, read more. FLP helped organise/run catering and nature walks in support of these events.


Farewell to migratory shorebirds event in April


In July, the migratory shorebird sculptures were officially opened at Lee Point


Eastern Curlews arrived back at Lee Point from Siberia late August


In November, a walk/shorebird viewing event was held as part of a Welcome Back Shorebird event.


Many people were still unaware that thousands of people were planned to be housed at Lee Point at the start of 2021. A series of (9) meeting/rallies and market stalls in conjunction with PLan: the Planning Action Network Inc. was held in 2021 to help raise awareness, some of which attracted media attention.

By December, 3000 people had signed a petition to: place a moratorium on the current housing development proposal for Lee Point until the NT Planning Commission has developed a comprehensive Area Plan for the whole of Lee Point.


Seabreeze festival in May


Public meeting at Lee Point late May on the planned Lee Point development


Vanderlin Drive gathering in August


In September concerned residents met at Lee Point where cycad removal had started.


Land clearing for Stage 1 started Late September and finished in October


Raintree Park rally in October

In December, DHA tendered Stage 2 works (more land clearing) without construction approval from the NT Government.



Darwin is getting hotter. City of Darwin released its 2030 Greening Darwin Strategy in August to help cool and green Darwin. Refer to our newsletters; Sept, Oct and Nov 2021.


Image of biodiversity corridors (in green) from Council’s Greening Darwin Strategy.

Image from FLP newsletter in October


In October, many people watched the council vote on the Save Lee Point motion (similar to the petition). It was carried 11 for 1 against.

In November, Australia and the majority of countries in the world committed to halt and reverse deforestation by 2030. The commitment was made at the UN conference COP26.