Lee Point Art Competition – Prize winners

There were 172 entries over three age categories; Under 8 years, 8 to under 14 years, 14 to under 19 years. Number of prizes in each category was based on number of entries received in the category.


Under 8 years (6 prizes awarded)

Ist Prize – “The Tree Snake” by Daniel Ellard – The Tree Snake looks after and protects all the snakes at Lee Point.


2nd Prize – “Sea and sand” by Frans Alves – Shorebirds go back to Siberia and the sunset at Lee Point. On one side you see the sea and sunset. The other way you see the beach.


3rd Prize – “I like the sunset” by Logan Cameron – My sunset shows the reds, pinks and orange that we see at Lee Point Beach where the fish are in the sea.


4th Prize – “The Sunrise” by Abbie Keast-Jones – The sun is shining as it is turning night and coming up in the morning.


5th Prize – “At the beach” by Galatiani Koukouvas – I have spiky Casuarina trees and humans. At Lee Point Beach you see soldier crabs and mud crabs. You sometimes see turtles and birds.


6th Prize – “Lee Point night and day” by Shanzay Asim – My drawing is about fish, crabs and seaweed in the sea and dogs being walked on the beach. I put in stars at night.


8 years to under 14 years (7 prizes awarded)

1st Prize – “Lee Point Leisure” by Joanna Pickett (Video) –  I go to Lee Point almost every day. I love it so much I made a clip about it! Hope you enjoy! See Clip


2nd Prize – “Perspectives and views of Lee Point – Watercolour and Photo” by Caitlin Boulton – Watercolour art inspired by some photos I took while at Lee Point with the dogs and family on sunny/overcast day.

3rd Prize – “Migratory Birds- Marsh sandpiper” by Caitlin – In Art class we completed pictures of migratory birds that migrate to Lee Point. I chose the Marsh sandpiper. Sandpiper in front of sunset.

4th Prize – “Nature’s Window” by Alesha Hakanson – My collage depicts the many unique creatures and beautiful habitats, which make Lee Point special.

5th Prize – “Birds on the Beach” by Mia Ballinger – Strolling through Lee Point Beach and watching the birds as the sun sets.

6th Prize – “My favourite place” by Zachary Trenfield – My little sister and me love exploring in the sand and the water.

7th Prize – “Sunset on Lee Point” by Thando – Lee Point: special for sunsets and a special ecosystem for trees, plants animals like the black footed tree rat, bird life, reptiles and insects.

14 years to under 19 years (one prize awarded)

Ist Prize – “Sunset rock beach” by Jacqueline – the sun is setting and the colours are reflecting onto the waters, far into the distance a lush forest can be seen, the rocks provide a textured environment.