Save Lee Point – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s happening at Lee Point?

A significant portion of Lee Point is being lost to an urban sprawl with thousands of people to be housed on the disused defence land. It will severely impact on people’s enjoyment of Lee Point.

2. Who owns the land to be developed at Lee Point?

The Australian Government (the taxpayer).  The developer, Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is also wholly owned by the Australian Government.

3. Was there community consultation for this development?

VERY LIMITED – An insignificant proportion of northern suburbs residents knew about this housing development prior to 2020. The level and type of community consultation undertaken did not reflect the importance of Lee Point to the Darwin community. Very few residents support the current development proposal. More detail is at: Community Consultation

4. Can the current development be stopped?

YES -The NT Minister for Lands, Planning and Environment has the powers to revoke or modify development permits and amend the NT Planning Scheme. Legal advice at: halting the development

5. What’s wrong with the current Lee Point Area Plan (Plan)?

The Plan is focussed on the disused defence land (see map below), not on the whole of Lee Point. Given this area is one of Darwin’s most important natural assets and the many changes since 2015 including government policies for Smart Cities, climate change, biodiversity and a new Planning Act, it is extremely short sighted and irresponsible to continue with this Plan.

6. Will any compensation be made if the development is stopped?

This deal was done within government, not with a private developer and as such any compensation can be handled within government. To date, deposits have been taken for some lots of the first stage (8 stages are planned).  The deposits would be refunded by DHA.

7. What is the best outcome for Darwin?

The current development activities are halted UNTIL a comprehensive area plan for the whole of Lee Point is completed. This new Area Plan needs to reflect the wishes and needs of the community and protect the quality of life of future generations.

Disused defence land – contained within broken line area



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