Save Lee Point Rally

Public Rally Friday 13 Aug, 10am at Parap Village Centre

  • Defence Housing Australia (DHA) started clearing works at Lee Point on the 5 August to house thousands of people at Lee Point. Approximately 60 people attended a rally near MLA Michael Gunner’s Parap office and called on government to cease works at Lee Point until a proper Area Plan was developed for the whole of Lee Point. The gathering committed to attend further Save Lee Point events to bring attention to this looming disaster for Darwin.

  • Ian Redmond from Friends of Lee Point (a volunteer community group) said Lee Point was one of Darwin’s most important natural assets and is irreplaceable. He said that the “deal” government had done for Lee Point was within government and not with the community. The government funded project to house thousands of people at Lee Point had very little support from Darwin residents. However, this meant it would be easy to fix if government wanted to. Given all the changes in government policies, such as climate change, biodiversity, sustainable cities and a new NT Planning Act, it is extremely short sighted and irresponsible of government to continue with this development at Lee Point.

  • Kasey Hansen (Friends of Lee Point) – Said she and other young people had serious concerns about the impact that the government (DHA) development will have to increased carbon emissions and climate change. She called on the politicians to ask themselves what legacy they are leaving for their young children/babies and their future grandchildren. Our generation needs affordable housing, the added extra cost will not only increase the weather temperature it will also increase house prices and push first home owners out of the market. For my future and the future of the next generation Lee Point needs to be saved and kept in natural habitat.

  • David Percival (Friends of Lee Point) said that the habitats represented at Lee Point consisted of open forest, vine forest, mangrove, creek, beach and sea, with Lyons or 2CRU having secondary growth characterised by Turkey Bush. These habitats had produced at least 240 species of birds (80% of Kakadu bird species) which rivals almost anywhere in the world near to a capital city. The development to house thousands of people at Lee Point will rapidly destroy the surrounding environment at Lee Point (and Casuarina Coastal Reserve).

  • Red sashes were placed around the Parap Village centre to symbolise ANGER from loss of enjoyment at Lee Point, DANGER from climate change and urban sprawl at Lee Point, and DEBT (to taxpayer) from the government subsiding a development that harms nature.

  • Over 2000 people have signed the Save Lee Point petition which calls on the NT Parliament to place a moratorium on the current development proposal for Lee Point until the NT Planning Commission has developed a comprehensive Area Plan for the whole of Lee Point.

  • The NT Planning Minister has the (legal) power to halt the Lee Point construction works and amend the Lee Point Area Plan. The land to be developed and the developer (DHA) are wholly owned by the Australian Government.