The Area Plan for Lee Point is bad for Territorians

The lack of democratic process and transparency used to produce the Lee Point Area Plan could be duplicated in other future Area Plans by government.

Having the Lee Point Area Plan in the NT Planning Scheme means it’s OK to:

  • advertise an Area Plan 4 weeks before Xmas and not provide a discussion paper to the community on its impact.
  • have less than 15% of affected community residents aware of a proposed Area Plan.
  • exclude the (independent) NT Planning Commission from the development of an (important) Area Plan
  • ignore investigating (and reporting) on other viable options in terms of long-term public benefit.

Ask your elected representatives (or candidates) whether they support this sort of planning process and if not, what they intend to do about it.


Further information is at: Planning for Lee Point explains why a comprehensive Area Plan is needed for Lee Point. We believe that the current Lee Point Area Plan is harming Darwin’s future. The approved Lee Point Area Plan doesn’t even have a map of Lee Point!! Hopefully our FAQ will answer your questions, if not, please contact us: