Lee Point Biodiversity Corridor

Map of Corridor with (7) habitat areas

The Lee Point Biodiversity Corridor (2.2 sq km) is part of Darwin’s last wildlife corridor, the North Darwin Wildlife Corridor (27 sq km). It has more habitats than any park in the Top End with the exception of Kakadu National Park (19,000 sq km) and is one of the richest biodiversity areas in Darwin.

Based on Birdlife data (last 10 years), North Darwin Wildlife Corridor had 252 bird species, Kakadu National Park 246 bird species and the Corridor 175 bird species.

All the photos below were taken in the Lee Point Biodiversity Corridor.


Area 1 – Coastal habitat

Area 2 – Mangrove habitat

Area 3 – Monsoon forest habitat

Area 4 – Woodland habitat

Woodland Flowers


Woodland fungi




Area 5 – Woodland habitat

Butterflies and moths


Grass finches in 2022

Cockatoos, parrots and lorikeets


Area 6 – Freshwater habitat and dam



Area 7 – Rainforest and grassland habitat