Save Lee Point – Darwin Lord Mayor

City of Darwin – August 2021 elections

The petition by Friends of Lee Point calls on the NT Parliament to:“place a moratorium on the current development proposal for Lee Point until the NT Planning Commission has developed a comprehensive Area Plan for the whole of Lee Point.”

Darwin Lord Mayor I support the petition Yes / No / Undecided   Comments (50 words or less)
Kon VATSKALIS   Yes I think it is a bit late now but there is still time for something different to be to developed



1 thought on “Save Lee Point – Darwin Lord Mayor”

  1. The remaining undeveloped land on Lee Point Road should be left as a nature reserve to enhance the liveability of the area.
    The bird life in this area is amazing. If development is continued this
    natural habitat will be lost forever and will end up as a lot of the
    southern city’s a concrete jungle.

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