Proposed park for CCR

A comprehensive Area Plan for Lee Point peninsula is a much higher priority than a park for Casuarina Coastal Reserve (CCR)

We welcome discussions on the small expansion of CCR and changing its status to a park. However, a more urgent and much higher priority is to cease land clearing works on the Lee Point peninsula and complete a comprehensive Area Plan that reflects the long term needs and wishes of the community.

CCR is a narrow strip of land located on and adjacent to the peninsula. It is going to be adversely impacted by an ill-conceived Defence Housing Australia (DHA) housing project regardless of whether CCR becomes a park or not.

The DHA housing project on the Lee Point peninsula does not house defence personnel near defence bases or public transport, and will do nothing address the housing affordability crisis in Darwin.

This project will clear over half of the (~700) old growth trees from the peninsula – cutting into the heart of Lee Point. By comparison, the proposed CCR park only contains ~50 old growth trees.

To make matters worse, having thousands of people (25% are defence personnel) living closer to the internationally significant migratory shorebird sites will cause even more disturbance problems for the threatened species that use these sites.

Over 500 scientists and experts from two national/international conferences in Darwin, and the First Nations people of Darwin (Larrakia), want the housing located elsewhere (not on the peninsula).

The present Lee Point Area Plan, that allows housing on the peninsula, was originally created by DHA in 2014/15 for their housing project without adequate community consultation or examining community benefits.

Consequently, in October 2021, City of Darwin requested a moratorium on the current housing development until the (independent) NT Planning Commission completes a comprehensive Area Plan for the whole of Lee Point that reflects the long term wishes and needs of the community. Approximately 4,500 people signed a petition on this matter in 2022.

If the natural values of CCR are to be retained, then a new Area Plan for the peninsula must be a much higher priority than turning CCR into a park.

Further information is at Planning for Lee Point