Lee Point Art Competition – People’s Choice Award – Voting

How to vote The star rating program allows you to vote only once for each entry and you cannot change your rating once voted.

Suggestions for voting are:


a) View all the artworks entries noting the artworks (numbers) you like – shortlist at least 5 artworks because there will be 5 prizes.

b) View shortlisted ones artworks again and choose the best artwork and others in rough order. Best artwork should receive 5 stars.



Select “STAR icon” and click on star bar (top left). Refer Step 2 (View and Vote page):


NOTE – The current program does not display your individual star rating. What you see is the average rating (from previous entries) before you click on the stars and the average rating after you have clicked (now includes your star rating). There may be little or no change on the average star rating.

Prizes are based on the total number of stars given to an artwork (by all people who have voted) not the highest average star rating.