Items of note

This post is a collection of items of note, articles and other Save Lee Point material.

12 October 2022 – Monday – NT Governments record

12 October 2022 – Monday – NT Governments record of how the Lee Point Area Plan came about. The October 2022 petition to the NT Government and response.

Sunday 20/08/2023 – Warnings Darwin development risks species extinction

Charles Darwin University’s head of environment research is warning Federal Government housing and gas precinct developments planned for Darwin could hasten the extinction of threatened species including the black footed tree rat because the city is surrounded by important biodiverse habitat.

30/09/2023 – Perhaps we can get

30/09/2023 – Perhaps we can get Kon to do something like this to help promote CCR/Lee Point? It would be great to see DCC more involved.

29/09/2023 Tree felled

23/09/2023 Middle Arm Project Review

Closing date for submissions is 31 Oct 2023.

21/07/2023 Queensland community celebrates saving koala habitat after scrapping of controversial development

And don’t forget the near miss at Mt Lofty – A Defence Housing Australia development in Queensland which would have destroyed habitat “critical to the survival of the koala” will not go ahead.