May 2 – 2cru and CBD

Todays round up.

“There has to be a duty of care when using heavy machinery in an unsecured site. What would have happened if a protester had fainted while sitting in the grass in the path of the dozers and management knew there were people in the path of that heavy machinery?”

Missing in action:

“I just called that site contact number and he tells me there are “two environmental scientists at all times, 2 university qualified ecologists, and an animal handler employed by the contractor on site at all times”, but also said that trees with nesting places wouldn’t be checked for animals… doesn’t seem right! Also he called me right back after he missed my call so is responsive.”

Best practice guidelines

We made the news!

There was a TO wanting to serve some paperwork yesterday to the site supervisor and nobody was willing to give a name. The Police Commander certainly would have directed him to the number if it were available to him. And definitely no sign then!

This might be May 1.

Video of Je* Sw* saying “there’s just some jobs you just don’t want” and “on that next stage, I’m not here no matter how much you [pay me]”

Fauna spotter catcher hard at work today.

Here is a link that might be from 1984

Men at work.

The Hon. Tanya Plibersek MP, Minister for the Environment and Water

PO Box 6022

House of Representatives

Parliament House

Canberra  ACT  2600

Dear Minister Plibersek,

I am so angry at the destruction of Lee Point!

Despite enormous, ongoing community engagement to save Lee Point (Binybara), politicians have chosen to ignore it.  Politicians have each followed the ‘party line’ rather than listen to their own constituents.

The NT Chief Minister, Eva Lawler, said that allowing Lee Point to be saved would send the wrong message to developers.  Rubbish!   The developer in this case is government – both NT and Federal.   It is government that has messed up!   Initial community consultation and environmental assessment for the proposed Defence Housing were inadequate.  

Lee Point is/was an environmental ‘hot spot’ with 75% of bird species found in Kakadu, internationally significant shorebirds, threatened species.  It is/was the last wildlife corridor in Darwin for small mammals to safely move between sources of food, water and shelter also strengthening genetic diversity.    A devastating loss, especially when alternative housing locations are available.

The priceless treasures of the Northern Territory are the natural environment, wildlife and Aboriginal culture.  The value of these treasures will increase with time, but they’re gradually being destroyed.

Instead of protecting these assets, governments focus on high value short term gains, aligned to their short term in office.   But these decisions have long term costs.   

  • What is the cost of climate change in Australia – homes and businesses destroyed and damaged by bushfires, floods, drought, increased health and insurance costs due to climate?      Yet new coal mines, which will increase climate change, are being approved! 
  • The cost of short-term gains in the NT are over 900 Legacy Mines – mines with potential to pose a risk to the environment and the public.  

Darwin residents are leaving and replaced by immigrants who are attracted here an easy entry into Australia.  I despair at what the  Northern Territory is losing.

Who will we vote for at the next election?